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Working through Grief, Together

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m guessing you probably don’t have the full, rich kind and amount of support that you need to live a healthy, balanced life, even when you’re not grieving. 

So, especially when you’re grieving, it’s crucial to set up all those healthy, supportive structures so that you’re not isolating. 

It’s so easy to avoid people and avoid getting help when you’re grieving that it might feel healthier. You might not want to process your grief, or it seems more important to stay busy and distracted. 

Don’t get me wrong, these can be healthy coping mechanisms, to an extent. 

But ask yourself, what’s the value of getting the right kind of support?

The first step is to answer that question and understand that you can gain a lot from the connections you make with others during your season of grief. The right community can empower you in many ways along your grief journey.

The next step is to be willing to get support. Even if you understand there’s value, you need to be willing to access that support. 

Consider support as a gift you’re giving to yourself. This is an incredibly difficult time in your life and support is one of the many gifts available to help guide you on your journey. Be as generous with yourself as you would with a loved one who’s suffering.

Remember, we heal in community.  

Your grief deserves and needs to be witnessed. YOU deserve and need to be witnessed. 

If you’re uncertain of what kind of support you need, take the Grief Assessment to find out if Grief Coaching, Grief Counseling, or Therapy is best suited for you.