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Grief Coaching: Healing Your Mind, Body, and Heart after Loss

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Grief Recovery - Hand pointing at the sun.

Grief Coaching

Grief doesn’t have to be interminable and debilitating.  Let’s reconnect you to your sense of vitality.

Grief Coaching

Divorce Coaching

Teach your team how to best handle grief. Let’s make sure your employees feel cared for during times of loss.

Life Coaching - Man in kayak in front of sunset

Life Coaching

Lean into your deeper desires and goals. Let’s break free from the monotony of routine and increase your potential.

Lasting Change Starts with Embarking on a New Path

Coaching challenges you regardless of your personal or professional experiences. Our work together will enable you to safely explore and reflect upon what may or may not be beneficial for you and how you can work towards achieving the outcomes you crave. No matter what you’ve gone through or the obstacles you’ve faced, I will support and guide you to expand self-imposed limitations and persevere.

One conversation can inspire meaningful possibilities. Let’s have that conversation together.

Your Grief Coach,

A Note From Nesreen

Throughout my professional life, I have always been committed to supporting others, especially during the most difficult of times. In 2013, my sister passed away suddenly. This was a profound loss and to say I was in shock was an understatement. Throughout this period, I found myself questioning how I wanted to spend the time I had left on this planet, and how to use my time and energy to live a fulfilling life and help others do the same.

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What's Included

Customized Packages

Harbor Light Coaching offers personalized packages according to your needs. Whether you’re interested in short or long-term solutions, we will work together to design a plan that’s tailor-made for you.

Individual and Group Sessions

Regardless of what type of session you are looking for, you will receive a high level of support and accountability in a confidential manner. We ensure that client feels seen, heard, and valued throughout each conversation.

Proactive Coaching and Training

No matter your reason for seeking a coach, our primary focus is on moving forward and embracing the future. Coaching and training can provide insightful perspectives and modify behaviors that will have a lasting impact.

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Grief Coaching

Virtual Meeting

Grief Coaching

Free Discovery Call: Grief Coaching

Settingup a call with a stranger to talk about your loss and grief can feel overwhelming, at best! This is a safe, nonjudgmental and confidential space for you to share anything you’d like to share and find out how grief coaching can benefit you in your healing journey.

Grief Coaching

Free Discovery Call: Life

Feeling burned out? Or unsure of which direction to go in? Or maybe you’re looking to improve your relationship with yourself and others. Set up your complimentary consultation to explore what life coaching is and how it can benefit you today!

Grief Coaching

Life Purpose Session

Curious about your Life Purpose and what your Soul desires? Want to create a more meaningful relationship with yourself and live a life of your design and desire? I can’t wait to help you get clear and focused on what your best life looks like and what you need to achieve it. Let’s take a deep dive and discover what’s next for you!


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