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"Don't let grief hold you back from living an extraordinary life"
Nesreen Ahmed

A Note From Nesreen

Throughout my professional life, I have always been committed to supporting others, especially during the most difficult of times. In 2013, my sister passed away suddenly. This was a profound loss and to say I was in shock was an understatement. Throughout this period, I found myself questioning how I wanted to spend the time I had left on this planet, and how to use my time and energy to live a fulfilling life and help others do the same.

As therapy and support groups were only mildly helpful for me, I was desperately seeking a more proactive approach to come to terms with what had happened. Soon after, I discovered and began working with a Grief Coach. With my coach, I was able to work through all that felt unresolved, including the guilt, regret, and sadness that would have otherwise plagued me for the rest of my life. In transforming my own grief, I was inspired to help other people going through loss. I trained at the Grief Recovery Institute to become a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.

I am also a proud graduate of Accomplishment Coaching, The World’s Finest Coach Training Program, where I mastered my skills as a Life and Business Coach. Now, I work with clients all over the world, providing Grief, Life, and Executive coaching. I also lead Grief Recovery Coaching groups, Healing Circles, and Sensitivity Training Workshops for Grief in the Workplace. With a Master of Science in Communication, I offer interpersonal relationship skills and mindful communication techniques. I hold the Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the governing body for the coaching industry.  I also hold the Senior Practitioner credential from the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). I’m a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach, and most recently, I trained with renowned grief expert, David Kessler, to become a Certified Grief Educator.  I’m also proud to share that I’ve been recognized as one of the Top Grief Coaches by Coach Foundation for my continued work with grievers throughout my coaching career. 

In addition to my coaching work, I am blessed with an amazing husband, young daughter, and a beloved dog. Together, we live in New York City but travel locally and internationally often.  I personally enjoy hiking, boxing, practicing yoga, and mediation. Thus far, I have traveled to multiple countries as well as 49 of the 50 States. My goal is to continue to travel the world while educating and inspiring people to transform their own grief. And, always to be of service.

Nesreen is one of the most genuine, kind-hearted souls I have ever met. Not only does she light up any room she walks into with her big smile, but she allows you to feel at ease with her patience & endearing nature. I had the pleasure of working with Nesreen two years ago as my life coach when I started noticing a shift in my work-life balance & my overall well-being. Meeting with Nesreen each week allowed me to feel accountable for my actions, be in full control of my life & my emotions & have a more meaningful understanding, appreciation & sense of self. I learned to appreciate myself & take time to do things for me without feeling guilty for it. Opening up to a life coach can allow one to feel extremely vulnerable, scared & embarrassed, but I did not feel this way with Nesreen. She does not hold judgements or make one feel ashamed for their actions, thoughts, emotions or fears; rather Nesreen helps you embrace them & conquer any roadblocks that may have gotten in the way of your happiness. Nesreen helped me create & implement simple daily & weekly tasks that I still practice to this day, that have allowed me to live a more meaningful & organized lifestyle, and take the time to appreciate the ‘small achievements’ or ‘moments’ in life. I am forever grateful for Nesreen & could not recommend her enough!
Dorine C.
Nesreen has a natural talent to help you discover your true potential. She knows the right questions to ask to help steer you in a positive direction. She listens to your answers and helps you craft attainable goals to set you not he right path to your personal success. I highly recommend spending time with Nesreen Mahmoud. She's simply amazing!
Joe D.
I came to Nesreen for guidance because I felt lost and disorganized in my self-run business. I had great ideas but wan't putting the pieces together in a way that produced effective results. Working with Nesreen deepened my sense of confidence. She and her work with me put a lot of what I was feeling into healthy perspective that al-lowed for some meaningful shifts to take place. I am truly grateful for my work with Nesreen as I continue to proceed, grow and expand in ways that I never thought possible. Thank you, Nesreen!
Anna B.
Nesreen is a caring, skilled and wise coach. My weekly sessions with her have helped me find a path forward that is full of possibility and free of old encumbrances. While it is a path of my own making, I would not be on it without her help. I am truly grateful and recommend her highly.!
Leslie T.