Divorce Coaching

Divorce is not just about legal matters. It is also about facing the grief of various losses, especially of the relationship. In cases where divorce is necessary for self-preservation, it’s about facing the grief of lost opportunities, freedom, and a sense of self while in the relationship.

Grief is our natural response to any type of loss. While it is usually life-altering, it doesn’t have to be incessant and debilitating. It doesn’t have to prevent you from living an extraordinary life.

Learn how to navigate the emotional complexities of grief with Divorce Coaching. Throughout our sessions, you will gain more clarity about yourself and your new reality. We will focus on your needs and use a variety of tools and techniques so that you are empowered to build a beautiful new future.

Divorce Coaching Packages

Connect to your core values and principles to keep yourself grounded and gain mental clarity.. Learn to stop feeling overwhelmed by getting rid of the mental clutter and the negativity of your past relationship. Find peace as you move towards your North Star.

Be empowered to create a loving relationship with yourself Level up your self-care by addressing the inevitable self-sabotaging behaviors. Learn how to build your Sage muscles so you can overcome your sabotaging tendencies and finally treat yourself how you deserve to be treated!
Deep dive into learning new and creative ways to co-parent your kids. Emerge with resilience and step into rebuilding your life with purpose and a powerful perspective. Walk into the “new” life you truly deserve!