Grief Coaching

Grief is a difficult and highly personal journey.  There’s no one “right” way to experience grief, but it’s essential to find ways to process and adjust to your new reality.  Grief Coaching can support you in:

  • Transforming grief into your life purpose
  • Saying goodbye to the pain and burden of grief
  • Reconnecting with sense of self
  • Creating healthy relationships with ex-partners
  • Developing healthier coping strategies
  • Adjusting to your new reality
  • Finding inner peace
  • Deepening familial ties
  • Resolving what’s unfinished
  • Finding meaning in the loss


As a Grief Coach, I specialize in helping my clients navigate through the logistical and emotional complexities of grief.  Through our sessions, we explore your emotions, your triggers, and what’s keeping you from making peace with the loss. Because your experience of grief is unique to you, we tailor each conversation according to your needs and situation.

While grief can be life-altering, it doesn’t have to be interminable and debilitating.  Our work will ensure that grief does not rob you of your well-being or vitality. Together, we will focus on your needs and use a variety of tools and techniques to make recovery from grief a reaility.

My mission is to help you realize that grief doesn’t have to prevent you from living an extraordinary life.