Life Coaching

Life Coaching, unlike therapy, is a forward-focused and action-oriented process to help you attain your goals and live a more satisfying life.  It can transform how you feel about yourself and expand what you think is possible. Typically, people seek a Life Coach in order to:
  • Find greater purpose
  • Reach full potential
  • Strengthen current relationships
  • Establish new relationships
  • Develop a deeper sense of self-worth
  • Change unhealthy habits and patterns
  • Conquer fears
  • Increase income
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Gain independence
  • Improve time management skills
  • Improve communication skills
From an early age, familial and societal expectations influence how you think and behave.  This can cause you to develop beliefs and patterns that limit you. As a result, clinging to the predictability of routine becomes more comfortable than seeking out more authentic ways of living.  While this routine can be convenient, it can also lead to complacency and resignation. So much so that you end up feeling trapped within the confines of your routine and miss out on what you really want.   Together, we will help you break free from the monotony of routine so you can lean into your deeper desires and goals. Through our sessions, we will identify self-imposed barriers and establish new patterns of thought and behavior while formulating a concrete plan with specific actions to reach your goals. As a Life Coach, I am your partner in creating powerful and lasting change. While breaking free from the status quo might seem unnerving, it can also be liberating to finally take control of your life.