Grief Coaching


Nesreen Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of Harbor Light Coaching, LLC and specializes in grief, loss, and major change.

She is committed to providing transformational coaching to clients around the world. Nesreen’s coaching is focused on helping clients find peace after a loss, divorce or illness. She supports them in addressing their mindset, overcoming the hurdles of grief, and completing what’s unfinished.

Nesreen holds the Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coaching Federation and earned a Master of Science degree in Communication from Walden University. Recently, Nesreen became a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach and has just enrolled in her newest certification program: the Grief Educator Training program with renowned grief expert, David Kessler.

We’ve invited Nesreen to join Lemon Rebellion and lead a talk on going from grief to resilience because we are committed featuring the best female life coaches qualified to guide participants towards their next level through interactive sessions helping them experience an insight, gain a resource, or receive coaching to move forward in their journey to transforming change and adversity into opportunity and growth.


Grief Coaching

Master of Science (MS), Professional Certified Coach (PCC from the ICF), Certified Positive Intelligence Coach (CPQC from Positive Intelligence), Certified Grief Educator (expected October 2021)


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