Nesreen was a shining light for me, during a particularly unsettled and stressful time. She has a warm, calm nature, yet was firm at challenging me if I engaged in negative self talk. She helped me to stay on track and keep sight of my priorities. She was very insightful in getting me to see my authentic attributes the way others view me and to become increasingly self aware. She helped me to be accountable, with my business and in supporting my family while dealing with the stresses of relocating. Working with Nesreen is a valuable experience in mindfulness and self growth that I highly recommend. ​
Louise R.
New York, NY
I had a true broken heart and entered a depression. A friend who knew Nesreen recommended her as a coach, because therapists were not helping. What can I say, I’m a new person thanks to her techniques and tools. Nesreen was not an average coach. She went way above and beyond in her duties. She truly truly cares from her heart and was always on call whenever I needed. She was a true partner who held my hand down the road of recovery. I will never forget her goodness!
David S.
Brooklyn, NY
After my divorce, I had given up. I felt broken and exhausted. The mere thought of be-ing in another relationship terrified me. I told myself I would spend the rest of my days alone. Then, I met Nesreen. When we started working together, I felt victimized by my ex-husband and thought I would never be able to forgive him. Over time, I not only learned how to forgive him, I learned how to forgive myself. I learned to see some of my unhealthy patterns in relationships and as I started dating again (yes, I finally started dating), I was able to change some of those patterns. I learned to love myself and allow myself to be loved and pampered. A few years after my divorce, I’m in the most wonderful, healthy relationship where I can put myself first and not feel guilty about it. None of that would have been possible without Nesreen’s coaching!
Melissa A.
Berkeley, CA
Working with Nesreen has been unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Her gentle-ness and warmth shined through even as she coached me to do things that I was scared to do in the past. She helped me see my own strength and capabilities. I came to Nesreen after years of feeling resigned to work in an industry that I didn’t love, making money for others. After only six months, I’ve started my own business and have continued to see my profits increase. Nesreen is not the traditional business coach who gives you a one-size-fits-all strategy. She helped me create my own business plan that represents and honors both the mission of my business and my personal purpose. She never gave me advice, but really coached me to figure out what was authentic to me and my business. I’m thrilled to have found her and continue to work with her as I grow my business to greater success. Thank you Nesreen, for your coaching and incredible wisdom!
Janet T.
New York, NY
I’d never even heard of Grief Recovery Coaching until a friend connected me with Nesreen. I’d been seeing a therapist and gone to a few support groups, but never felt they were truly helping me feel better. I finally decided to hire Nesreen and I’m so glad I did. Working with her, I realized how I had been avoiding my grief for so long by working crazy hours and pretending I was okay. She gave me concrete tools that helped me deal with my loss. The process was simple, easy to understand, and each week, I began to feel better, work less, and start to see my friends again. The coaching she provided was warm, gentle, and yet firm when needed. Somehow she never said the wrong thing or made me feel less of a man because I was grieving. I always felt comfortable speaking with her and felt she truly cared about me and my recovery. Thanks to her, I’m back to the man I was and have the tools to deal with future losses. Much love to you, Nesreen!
William R.
San Francisco, CA
Nesreen is a life, business, and grief recovery coach who I have had the pleasure - and benefit - of working with as a Coach and a community leader. Her commitment to supporting clients to identify the limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping them from moving forward is powerful. She speaks truth and gives voice to the uncovered messages we may not hear ourselves and her coaching always inspires spirit, connection, play and growth!
Laura K.T.

Nesreen is highly dedicated to her clients. Her level of commitment and follow through on tasks is what makes her so amazing at helping people move forward in their lives. She can help people deal with their struggles head on to overcome them and help them achieve their desired goals. Her positive energy is magnetic and you will feel instantly connected with Nesreen. She is a natural leader and skilled in her career. Hire Nesreen if you want someone to give you the drive to make real change.

Lindsey H
Forest Hills, NY
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